10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.

This one’s beautiful from Shivya 🙂

The Shooting Star

I often look back upon my life, wondering at what point I went from being a regular, 20-something Indian girl trying to figure life out, to someone who (sometimes) gets paid to travel the world! Well, I’m still the regular, 20-something Indian girl, and I haven’t quite figured life out. Someday, this blog will remind me of all the things I was in my twenties, and if you’ve been following my travels, I’m pretty sure this little list is going to surprise you.

1) I’m an introvert.

Given how much I interact on my social networks, and how often I write people-stories on my blog, it can seem like I’m the most social person. But truth is, I’m the loner in the crowd. I hardly ever initiate a conversation. I can hang out with strangers online all day, but it takes me a lot more effort to meet people in person. Luckily for me, stories usually find…

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